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We WA Taxi Drivers committed to provide five star service to our passengers 24×7.

This site was created so that all those in the Taxi Industry could be updated on the current proceedings against the Western Australian State Government as well as inform all of any news relevant to our industry.

Over the last few months a committee was formed in opposition to the free reign given to so call ride sharing companies to compete unlawfully and unfairly in our state who reality providing taxi services by not obeying any rules and regulation set by WA Government.

The high profile Commercial and Corporate Law firm Bennett + Co, have been instructed to act by Mr Peter Martin, Mr Zoran Jankulovski and Mr Satinder Singh Samra (Clients) the elected representatives of various taxi plate owners and operators to apply for the issue of a prerogative writ of mandamus to compel the Western Australian Government to prosecute Uber B.V., Uber Australia Pty Ltd and its directors (together, Uber) for offences under the Taxi Act 1994, the Taxi Driver’s Licensing Act 2014 and the Transport Co-ordination Act 1966.

Our group has now formed a company and has recently been incorporated, the Taxi Operators’ Legal Defence Fund Pty Ltd ACN 607 646 702 (TOLD) for the purpose of dealing with this action and associated publicity. The Clients are the three directors of this company. The purpose of TOLD is to be the nominated instructor of Bennett + Co and the entity that will give instructions to Bennett + Co in relation to funds raised to support the litigation and public relations campaign which have and will be deposited into the Bennett + Co Trust Account.

In Mr Martin Bennetts view, Uber’s operation in Western Australia is unlawful and liable to prosecution by the Western Australian Government. On his advice it would be impracticable for all persons adversely affected by Uber to be parties to the litigation. The clients have agreed to act as representative claimants.

TOLD invites all drivers & owners for your support to fund this litigation and associated public relations campaign by contributing funds to the Bennett + Co Trust Account.

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